• Dodgeball Safari is a game of dodgeball in the heart of Safari. Its gameplay was designed exclusively for the game making your experience fun and unique.
  • Incredible graphics that blend features of 3D and pixel art, effects and soundtrack unique to each character.
  • There are 9 characters full of personality into 3 teams: Attack, Defense, and Pass. Each character has its own characteristics as speed, strength, energy and defense (parry) making the game strategic and dynamic.
  • All characters have their own papercraft to print, cut and assemble. Only Emma (Giraffe) is available for tasting. All other characters are papertoys to be unlocked. Then just start playing and build your collection with the 9 papertoys of Dodgeball Safari.
  • There are 5 game modes with exclusive ranking, and some bonus modes throughout the tournament. The AI is very challenging and uses different strategies according to the members of your team.
  • 3 different scenarios: forest, mountain and boxing ring!
  • Several achievements to unlock such that some are related to their ability, according to other points, community, locked or hidden items.
  • The Dodgeball Safari has its own social network for the game where the player can exchange information, invite friends, compare achievements, etc.

Development and Production: www.ovnistudios.com
Price: U$0,99
iTunesStore link : http://itunes.apple.com/app/dodgeball-safari/id410456099?mt=8
Lounch Date: 12.22.2010
Current Version: 1.0
Size: 20 MB
Language: English
Rating: 4+
Platform Focus: iPhone / iPod touch
Compatibility: iPad / iPhone 4G Retina Display
iOS Version: 3.0 or later
Technologies: Xcode, iOS SDK
Connectivity: Achievements, Exclusive Social Network, Invite Friends
Achievements: 47 achievements to earn
Characters: 9
Stages: 3
Game Modes: 5 modes: Arcade, Survival, Time Trial, Target and Parry Mode.
Best Features: Stunning Pixel-Art graphics, fun gameplay, a lot of achievements to earn, intense Artificial Intelligence, 9 papertoys to print, cut and assemble and much more.