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Intellectual Property: SOS Mata Atlântica
Development and Production: Ovni Studios
$: Gratuíto
Download iOS: iTunesStore
Download Android: AndroidMarket
Facebook: Jogar Agora
Main Category: Games
Launch: 08/07/2013
Current version: 1.0
Size: 20.5 MB
Language: Português / Inglês
Rating: 4+
Platforms: iPhone (Retina Display)/ iPod touch / iPad / Android / Facebook
iOS Version: 3.1.3 ou superior
Android Version: 2.2 “Froyo” ou superior
Press-Kit: Download
Technologies: Xcode, Unity3D, OvniFramework
Connectivity: Ranking Glogal e apenas entre amigos, Integração com Facebook
Main characteristics: social cause, environmental awereness, 3D graphics, several missions to complete, multiplatform, invites or challenges friends through Facebook.

Press Release

Be an activist and help safeguard the forest with SOS MATA ATLÂNTICA – THE GAME. Free for iOS, Android and Facebook!

São Paulo, July 8th, 2013

Only 8.5% of the original Atlantic Forest remains and this woodland, the most threatened in Brazil, is still being deforested.

Having that in mind, Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica has found a fun and interactive way of raising environmental awareness and allowing people to do their part in protecting the environment.

It has developed along with OvniStudios a game to approach all the political and cultural matters of the projects and activities that are part of the NGO’s cause

The player’s task is very simple: he or she should volunteer and perform several activities in one of the threatened areas of the Atlantic Forest

The tasks range from reforestation, control of predatory hunting to selective garbage collection. Also are included: air, water and soil quality control and sustainable development through agriculture.

As the player advances into the game, he or she acquires environmental awareness.

The more environmental awareness he or she possesses, the bigger is the unlocked variety of typical Atlantic Forest trees and decorative props to customize his or her headquarters.

One of the main differentials of the game is being hybrid and multiplatform, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch, Android and also Facebook. Due to that, it provides many social activities such as global rankings and rankings among friends only, the possibility to invite and challenge friends to missions, post activities to the wall and many more.

Setting itself apart from other games of the genre, SOS Mata Atlântica – The Game is fully in 3D, with amazing and extremely light graphics, being able to run with great performance in practically every single smartphone, tablet and computer available in the market.

New content and missions will be unlocked after the game launch. Gifts and rewards will also be given to the people who come to events and activities hosted by the NGO

Your time has come! Volunteer, manifest, do your part for the Atlantic Forest!

Know more about the Atlantic Forest!

The Atlantic Forest used to cover an area equivalent to 1.315.460 km2 and originally stretched itself along 17 states (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Alagoas, Sergipe, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará e Piauí). Today, 8,5% of the woodlands remain from their initial 100 hectares. It is a global Hotspot, meaning: one of the richest areas in biodiversity and one of the most threatened of the world. Also, UNESCO and National Patrimony, in the 1988 National Constitution, have also decreed it to be a Biosphere Reserve. The biome possesses more than 20 thousand species of plants and 8 thousand of them are endemic; 270 known species of mammals; 992 species of birds; 197 species of reptiles; 372 species of amphibious and 350 species of fish.

Currently, more than 61% of the Brazilian population lives in the Atlantic Forest – more than 112 millions of inhabitants spread across 3284 cities.

About Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica

Created in 1986, Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica is a private nonprofit organization, charged with the mission of promoting the conservation of biological and cultural diversities from the biome Atlantic Forest and ecosystems under its influence. Thus, it stimulates actions for the sustainable development, promotes education and knowledge about the Atlantic Forest; mobilizes, capacitates and encourages the exercise of socio-environmental citizenship. Fundação develops many projects: environmental preservation, data production, mapping and monitoring of the biome’s woodland coverture, campaigns, action strategies in the area of public policies, environmental education and woodland restoration programs, volunteer work, sustainable development, ecosystem protection and management.


SOS invites you to be a virtual volunteer and join your friends to have fun and help preserve the Atlantic Forest.
Learn how to take care of agriculture, livestock, rivers and inclined terrains in a sustainable way respecting the forest code.



















In order to be a good farmer, it is necessary to cut the grass, plow the soil, plant and water and then harvest.
Pay attention to the limit of lots available according to your level of environmental awareness.
Be careful! Harvest your plantations in up to 24 hours. If you let too much time pass, they might spoil!


Raise poultry, pork and cattle.
Pay attention to the time to collect the items from each animal. Some items are faster; some are slower.
Your limit of animals that can be raised depends on your environmental awareness level.
Build a fence to put the animals together. If any of them escapes, it is because it might be too small for that many animals.
The fences must always have corner fences and at least one fence gate for the character to be able to go in and leave when necessary.


When performing tasks as plowing the earth, harvesting fruit or collecting items from animals, a small amount of garbage on the soil will appear.
The quality of the water and of the soil corresponds to the amount of garbage in the stage.
We must keep the headquarters clean in order to be able to progress throughout the game.
The river has running water and, for that reason, 1 unit of garbage per day appears in it. Don’t be out for long or your river will be full of garbage!


Many prop items can be used to decorate your headquarters.
Every prop item is located in the shop “decoration” section.
Some prop items are special and show up in the game for a limited time or due to some special seasonal event.


The level of Environmental Awareness measures the player’s progression. The more balanced is the performance of tasks by the player; the higher is the level of his or her Environmental Awareness.
It is possible to acquire environmental awareness mainly throughout agriculture, livestock, reforesting and activities in the river.


The scythe is one of the player’s main tools. It is with it that he or she makes rooms he/she needs to perform the game’s tasks.
The more the game advances; the better must be his/her scythe.
When required, upgrade it to be able to advance into the wilderness surrounding your headquarters.


Your glove is vital to perform garbage collection.
Garbage on the soil and the organic garbage generated by animals are easy to be collected and their amounts that the player is able to collect are independent from the level of Environmental Awareness.
The garbage in the river gets harder to be collected according to its depth.
For bigger pieces of garbage in deeper regions of the river, it will be necessary to upgrade your glove.


To progress throughout the game it is necessary that the air, water and soil qualities are 100%.
The air quality is measured by the amount of purifying trees. When entering the store, it is possible to identify how many points each of the purifying trees represent when they are planted and grow.
The water and soil quality are calculated by the amount of garbage they possess. It is possible to identify the amount of garbage units still present on the soil or in the water and how many points remain for the maximum air quality.


There are two currencies in the game: Green coin and regular coin.
Regular Coin is the fastest way of buying any item that might be needed at the moment. However, many activities can be made in game in exchange for Green Coin. Most of them are related to agriculture or livestock.
Harvesting from the lots or collecting from the animals make the items automatically go into the player’s backpack. In there, the player is able to sell the items in exchange for Green Coin.


Analogically to the limitations we have when performing physical tasks, in the game there is the player’s Energy.
Performing tasks depletes the player’s Energy until it reaches zero. However, it is also gradually restored until 100%.
In-game time is the same as real-life time. If the player comes back to the game, he or she will see that his or her energy will have been recharged as if the game had been running with no interruptions.
Another way of acquiring extra energy is in the store. There are a few energy packs that might greatly help in his or her game progression.